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  哈囉!我是MIS91的許理貞,很高興能有這個機會跟大家分享我在荷蘭交換學生的經驗,希望大家喜歡我的分享。 ^_________^

  I arrived here on August 20, 2001 so I have lived 50 days completely different life in the Netherlands. It interests me very much and makes me learn a lot of things that I would never know if I stay in Taiwan. Now, I am going to describe all the things about my life here.

  First is the environment. Arnhem, the town I live in, is on the East side of Holland. The temperature is 7-17?C now and the time difference is 6 hours earlier than in Taiwan. It is not so humid as in Amsterdam but is much drier than in Kaohsiung. From the place I live in to the center, where you can find many bars and go to dance or the see the movies, is almost 5 kilometers; however it is convenient for everyday life because I can get everything we need from the mall street for 5 minutes walking. There is a park just in front of my apartment and I can see a few cows and sheep eating grasses and a flock of ducks playing in a small stream every time I pass it to school or to the shopping mall. The air is so fresh and it is green everywhere. I live with two girls, one from China named Connie and another one from a West African country, Cameroon, named Miriam. Both of them have already finished their bachelor degree. Connie is preparing for applying to study for master and Miriam is studying for double degree. We get along with each other very well and sometimes we cook in tern for culture interchange.

  再來是學校方面。我讀的學校─HEAO(Arnhem Business School) 是8月27開學,到10月28屬於Period 1,exam week 和一週假期之後接著Period 2,直到耶誕節前夕就整個學期結束,1月19開始第二學期。整個學校4000個學生中約有400個是來自世界各地的國際學生,分別是自中國、印尼、馬來西亞、俄羅斯、美國、加拿大、澳洲、和南美洲、歐洲、非州各個國家、甚至以色列的同學﹔除了讀IBC(International Business Course)的交換學生是讀半年或一年之外,有的學生是IBS(大學四年的International Business),有的是ILO(讀完IBC之後在專攻Logistic),還有MIBS(Master of International Business School)。國際學生修的課程與當地學生不同,是英語講授和考試的,約有二十多門可以選擇。這學期我修了Organization Behavior、Logistic、European Union & Integration、Management training和International Taxation五門課。課程要求除了與台灣相同的考試和交書面報告之外,比較具挑戰性的是課堂上的口頭報告,另外值得一提的是European Integration 的Workshop要求每個修這門課的學生扮演一個非本國但屬於歐盟國的外交大使,模擬歐盟會議的現場狀況,以該國立場發表演說,並與其他大使討論有關Enlargement 和 Institution Reforms的議題。我扮演的國家是前歐盟主席-瑞典,所以我最近除了忙著準備快要期中考的科目之外,都在閱讀歐盟和瑞典的相關資訊,並跟來自西班牙和印尼的組員討論"Women on the labor market in European Union"的報告。這過程中除了練習以英文溝通取得共識和團隊合作之外,也對原本陌生的歐盟和某些歐洲國家有較深的認識。


  As for activities after school, I go to some Aerobic classes or go swimming in a pool with music and some entertainment equipments. We cannot take sport class in this school but students can buy a sportcard to do some exercises you like when you are free from more than 20 kinds of sport class. By the way, in Holland, it is strange that there is no student club except the student committee. So, I go to the church with English service near my room every Sunday and attend an English bible study; we have 13 members from different countries and it is indeed a race melt pot composed of white, black and yellow. One is a doctor, one is an engineer, two of them are missioners, one is a lawyer and the else are their family. We share our opinion and care about each other, read the Bible and pray together. Also I am going to have a part time job next week on Sunday and Friday. By the way, most of the stores here do not open after 6 o'clock and on Sunday so every Saturday many people gather in the supermarket. The cheapest product here is chocolate, milk, bread, yogurt, apples and especially cosmetics of famous brand; they are almost less than quarter of the price in Taiwan. However, those towels, socks, pillows are much more expensive.

  最後,附帶一提的是我到荷蘭後陸續完了許多地方。我們去了海牙的騎士之家,看到許多中世紀的建築、阿母斯特丹的藝術市集和全歐最大的二手市場、來登的庫肯霍夫花園、哈客馬的cheese傳統交易市場、在臨北海的恩客霍伊森看到許多傳統風車、其他阿姆斯特丹近郊的城市風貌、還有大約10座博物館(全荷蘭有400多座)。荷蘭的古蹟真的保存的很好,到處都可以看到完整且韻味十足的建築,有的是哥德式, 有的是巴洛克式的。博物館的展覽中,也有許多中古歐洲皇室的家具、用品,和各國畫家的浪漫派和古典寫實的畫作,我所參觀過的幾座博物館中最著名的是林布蘭特的"實驗課"和"夜巡"這兩幅,我看到時真的被震懾住,領略到"光的魔術師"的厲害,才體會到親眼見到這些作品和照片裡看的實在有很大的差別。至於花卉市場和梵谷等其他博物館目前我還沒有時間去,不過大概會利用週末去見識。



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